Terms & Conditions Per Product

Terms & Conditions Per Product allows you to set custom Terms and Conditions per product and product variations.

Adding custom Terms and Conditions to the main Product

This plugin allows you to add a custom Terms and Conditions URL to a WooCommerce product.

If a product’s “Custom Terms and Condition Page (URL)” field is completed, then the respective checkbox appears on the WooCommerce checkout page.

Adding Terms and Conditions per product variation

This feature allows you to add terms and conditions per product variation. That way, a variable product can have different terms and conditions per variation.

Variation terms and conditions allow the input of the checkout checkbox text as well as selecting which part of the text will be used as the link (using the tags [link][/link]). If no text is added, the default terms text will be used.

Variation terms and conditions override the parent’s product terms and conditions. For example, if a variable product has both the parent product terms and the variation terms completed, the variation terms will be shown on the checkout page.

Checkout checkboxes are required

All the checkout checkboxes created for each product’s terms and conditions must be checked for the checkout to be completed. Otherwise, an error is displayed in the checkout form.


There are multiple hooks that will allow you to customize and extend the plugin even further.


Please use the WordPress plugin support forum for support.


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